Workshop on Metaverse and The Industry


Workshop on Metaverse and The Industry

Metaverse refers to a digitally simulated environment that is connected to the physical environment. It is now trending both to the industry and academic stakeholders. Similarly, intelligent transportation has continued to attract attention in the quest for safety, traffic management and management of greenhouse fossil fuel emission. Although, metaverse is at the infant stage, many stakeholders believe that its acceptance will be a function of issues such as applicability to various sectors, supporting technologies, interoperability, and open platform for continuous content generation. This workshop is intended to accelerate research discussion and trigger collaboration. It will also witness the demonstration of the creativia metaverse platform. Africa and indeed Nigeria have the combined comparative advantage of population, land size and active users of various online platforms. It is therefore imperative that research into the applicability, technologies, acceptance, and possible challenges of metaverse platform deployment in Africa be conducted. Creativia and various institutions in Nigeria will be leading the research in this direction.

Topics to be discussed

In this workshop, the following topics will be covered

  • Introduction to The Metaverse.
  • Background on Metaverse and Research Prospects in AI.
  • “Pure Wallet”: An offline approach to Blockchain transaction.
  • Creativia Metaverse Platform.
  • Domain and Global Research Trends of Metaverse.
  • Metaverse Applicability to Manufacturing.
  • Metaverse Applicability to Transportation.
  • Online
  • May 25 - 26, 2022
  • 11:00 am (WAT) | 7:00 pm (KST)


May 25 - 26, 2022

11:00 am (WAT) | 7:00 pm (KST)

Meet the Presenters

Prof. Dong-Seong Kim

Director Creativia and Chief Event Host

Dr. Cosmas Nwakanma

Global Research Trend

Simeon Ajakwe

Aritificial Intelligence and Metaverse

Saviour Igboanusi

Blockchain Technology

Gabriel Amaizu

Metaverse and Manufacturing

Judith Nkechinyere Njoku

Metaverse and Inteligent Transport

Md Ariful Islam Mozumder

Introduction to The Metaverse

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